Marathon Property Solutions provides property management services to property owners in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point Triad area.

Property Owner Services

Marathon Property Solutions is a full service leasing and property management company. Our property management services and solutions add a tremendous amount of value to the property assets under our management and care. Our approach is a well thought out assemblance of proper planning, scheduling, services, staff, and resource coordination. We get things done for our clients, and as experts in the property management field, we provide a detailed and comprehensive level of property management that you can count on!

At Marathon Property Solutions, we have a simplified process and provide top quality service with no hidden fees. There are no upfront fees charged to our owners - no expenses (other than requested services) until a qualified tenant is secured. No fees while the property is vacant. We do not charge lease renewal fees. In fact, the only two fees we charge are the leasing fee (equal to one month's rent) which we retain when the tenant pays the first month's rent and the monthly property management fee! Marathon Property Solutions also ensures the direct deposit of owner proceeds are transmitted on the 10th and 23rd of each month. Our easy to use web portal is available to owners 24/7.

Marathon Property Solutions provides owners basic home checks in order to ensure that your property maintains it’s pristine condition and receives regular home maintenance. We provide services such as:

  • HVAC Filter Replacements - HVAC Air Filters should be replaced monthly by the tenant, but we provide an air filter change every 3 months just to be safe. If the filter is not replaced, the homes HVAC system can become overworked and inefficient. Air Filters that are exposed to condensation can lead to mold growth, which if not contained, can be spread through the house by the HVAC system, and can lead to serious health consequences, and an HVAC unit that needs serious repair or even replacement. 
  • Water Heater Checks - Hot water is a luxury that many take for granted, until they have to shower with ice-cold water. We inspect water heaters for surface damage and possible spots of corrosion, in order to minimize the risk of leaks.

In addition to visiting and checking the property every ninety (90) days to ensure the property is in good condition, we do not apply an upcharge to any repair costs. Property Owners no longer have to deal with checking out keys to the property - prospects are always accompanied by a Marathon Team Member or licensed real estate agent. We also provide move out inspections with detailed walk out reports that include photos.

At Marathon Property Solutions, we focus on fostering genuine relationships and quality management services which add a valuable layer to all our client's rental properties. Working with Marathon Property Solutions will help property managers save on rental expenses and time associated with having to manage their rental units. Our services and solutions are a cost effective option that both saves our clients’ money as well as improves the value of their units through our management expertise and offering.


Contact Marathon Property Solutions today by calling 336-698-4250 or by contacting Angie Leeper at [email protected].