Marathon Property Solutions provides investor consulting services to investors looking for investment properties in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point Triad area.

Rental Property Investor Consulting Services 

Marathon also offers a helping hand to Real Estate Investors too. Are you a Real Estate Investor looking for new rental properties to add to your real estate investment portfolio? Marathon Property Solutions can help! We have access to hundreds of rental units that may not be for sale publicly yet. In addition, our real estate brokers on staff also have access to properties that are listed for sale. We provide access to investment properties that your real estate agent or current source for obtaining real estate properties may not. Tap into our insider-network and connections in the real estate industry to help grow your real estate investment portfolio.

Why Invest in a Real Estate Rental Property?

Investing in a real estate property for the purpose of renting it out, in addition to owning your primary residence can be a great way to build wealth, especially if you are wary of playing the stock market. Real estate investing can be pretty straightforward. Essentially, someone else pays the mortgage on the property, and over time, your equity grows in the asset. Marathon Property Solutions is here to assist real estate investors looking to create income from rental properties and to help real estate investors grow their portfolios.

Rental Property Purchases and Sales

Marathon Property Solutions is primed to help you through the property investment analysis phase, and assist you through to the purchasing of the rental property. We can help you evaluate which properties are worth investing in, and which ones to stay away from. We will help you understand the nuances of rental property ownership and property values, and make sure you start your property investment journey on the right foot.

We also have licensed real estate brokers on staff who will be able to help you through the often complicated property buying process. We can also help you if you are looking to sell your rental property, we know how to find the right buyer.

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Rental Property Management

Marathon Property Solutions has years of experience in managing rental properties for our own portfolio and our clients’ real estate portfolios. We know what it takes to manage a rental property properly. Owning an investment property that collects rental income can seem intimidating at first, but with the help of Marathon Property Solutions, buying a rental property does not have to be overwhelming.


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