Marathon Property Solutions specializes in bringing landlords and perspective tenants together in residential properties.

Our Services

Marathon Property Solutions offers a wide range of real estate and property-related services. From property and project management to sales, leasing and consulting, you are sure to find a real estate service that is most suitable to your needs.

Check out our real estate sales and property-related services below:

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We offer property owners a variety of services to ease their minds. As experts in the property management and rental property sector, we pride ourselves on serving owners and tenants alike.

If you have been leasing your property and are looking for an opportunity to purchase that property or another property, Marathon will facilitate the buying process between the tenant and the owner to allow for a safe, fair and smooth buying process.

Marathon Property Solutions will work directly with general contractors and vendors, planning for repairs and renovation requirements. We will ensure that all needs related to renovations such as painting, repairs, estimates, etc. are handled correctly, on time, and within budget. We manage design teams, clients, contractors, and colleagues to see development projects through from concept to completion. As a project manager within the property sector we will be working on behalf of the client and oversee all projects from start to finish – or at any point in between.

Marathon also offers a helping hand to Real Estate Investors too. Are you a Real Estate investor looking for new properties to add to your investment portfolio? Marathon Property Solutions can help! We have access to hundreds of rental units that may not be for sale publicly, as well as have access to properties that are listed for sale. We provide access to investment properties that your real estate agent or current source for obtaining real estate properties may not. Tap our insider network and connections in the real estate industry to help grow your real estate investment portfolio. Should you already have a relationship with a broker, we are happy to take a look at and identify the property of interest and provide our feedback before going under contract.

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If you are in need of any of the above mentioned real estate and property-related services above, call Marathon Property Solutions today at 336-698-4250 or contact us online: