Marathon Property Solutions Provides a variety of professional services to realtors and brokers in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point Triad area.

Realtor Services

At Marathon Property Solutions, we help Realtors and Brokers monetize their new and existing relationships with property owners. We work directly with Realtors and Brokers in providing property management services for their clients. Feel confident in referring your client to an experienced team!

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Real Estate Broker Partnerships

Marathon Property Solutions specializes in managing and leasing rental property and we regularly partner with real estate agents, offices and brokers to build relationships within the real estate industry and community. The benefits to all agents and brokers for referring new business to us are the referral fees, the protection of future sales, and personal reputation building. 

When a Realtor or Broker refers a new property owner to us, the agent or broker’s information is now connected to the property to ensure it is referred back when the property is up for sale again. It’s a great way to not only generate more revenue but to gain a tighter relationship with your clients and their properties so they work with you again.

You also build your credibility and increase your reputation when working with us. When you align yourself with an industry partner like Marathon Property Solutions, there are many layers of benefits other than just making more money. But we do know that the additional revenue is nice too!

If you are a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker (license in good standing and active with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission) - you can earn referrals by sending prospects directly to Marathon.

Brokers that refer a prospect to Marathon will earn a $100.00 referral fee upon the receipt of an executed lease, receipt of the first months’ rent and move in of the Tenant. (Please note that properties available for lease may have a tenant still occupying the property, therefore, we give a minimum 24 hour notice to these tenants for showings.)

If you have a listing that you would like for Marathon to offer for lease - we will also compensate the referring agent $100.00 as soon as the property is leased!

To register a prospect with us, simply contact Angie Leeper at [email protected] or call 336-245-1703.